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What we offer

The companys mission is providing quality product, timely service, customer satisfaction, and competitive pricing, with uncompromising morals and ethics.


“Georgianhouse” Ltd., operating in the construction market in the directions of
-Project management
The Company’s staff of enthusiastic, highly qualified and experienced architects, designers, engineers, and builders who have worked in both urban and rural locations are always willing to cooperate in the utilization and implementation of new technologies and ideas, taking at the same time into consideration local context of a district or region, or the entire city and the country, with its traditional architecture and landscape.
The staff shares a commitment to a mix of originality, ethics and charity in the Company, and yet at the same time understands that their work can continue only if it is financially profitable. These conjoined concepts of ideals and profitability have worked very well for the Company and for its clients. The country is benefitting as well, in part because we do a great deal of pro bono work.